17 Dec

Twitpic vs Flickr for Twitter Pictures

When I first started using Twitter I used Twitpic to send pictures from my phone.   It was a very handy, easy way to upload pictures.  I already had a Flickr account and wanted to find a way to post my pictures to my existing picture library.  After a little investigating I found out how to send pictures from Flickr to Twitter.  Now when I want to send a picture to Twitter I just email it to my Flickr account and presto is shows up on Twitter and in my Flickr Stream.

The following is a simple comparison between the two services.  Some of the functionality on Flickr is available after you’ve uploaded the picture.

I might have missed a feature or two.  Feel free to let me know if I have.

Flickr Logo Twitpic Logo
Fullsize Flickr Icon Twitpic Icon
Comments Flickr Icon Twitpic Icon
Tags Flickr Icon Twitpic Icon
Email to Twitter Flickr Icon Twitpic Icon
Friends Flickr Icon
Submit to Groups Flickr Icon
Editable Title Flickr Icon
Editable Description Flickr Icon
Long Descriptions Flickr Icon
HTML in Descriptions Flickr Icon
Image Editing Flickr Icon
Enhanced Stats Flickr Icon
(pro version)