21 May

Start With Why

Start With Why is the title of a book written by Simon Sinek.  I recently purchased this book.  I’m 4o pages in and I’m enjoying it so far.  Why did I buy this book?  I watched a video of the author presenting his thesis at a TEDx event.  The video really got me thinking about how I present my services.  I won’t go in to the thesis of the book, that’s what the video is for, but I will say that because of the idea espoused by the author I will be rethinking how I talk about what it is I do.  I’m not sure how these changes will manifest themselves so stay tuned.

From an business perspective my experience is tangible proof that using social media is one way to broaden your reach.  I follow a blog called Presentation Zen.   I saw a link to the Start With Why video on that blog.  I watched the video and bought that book.  I have also signed up on the Start With Why blog to receive communications directly from the author, Simon Sinek.  Ask yourself how can your business use this kind of approach to grow sales.  Just remember to start with why.