08 Jul

What is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM is an approach to marketing that leverages the power of the search engines to drive qualified traffic to your web site. Traffic from a search engine is important because these kinds of visitors are on a directed search. They are looking for something right now, is that something your product or service?

Why Do I need Search Engine Marketing?

Most web site visits start with with a potential visitor to your site searching for something of interest to THEM in a search engine. Google is the most popular search engine and delivers two to three times the traffic delivered by Yahoo.

If searchers cannot find your site in the search engines then your site will receive fewer visits than it could have if your site was easier to find. The more visitors you get to your site the more people you have the opportunity to do business with.

In Business-to-business buying decisions greater than 60% of all decisions are first researched on the Internet. This research typically takes place within 90 days of the buying decision.

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