08 Jul

Search Engine Optimization

Building a website to market your product or service is only the first step in marketing on the Internet. As they say in real estate the key to sales traffic is: Location, Location, Location. When it comes to your Internet storefront the most desireable location is a high ranking in the major search engines (GoogleYahoo and Bing (formerly MSN)). Our proven approach will help you achieve two things:

  • Higher page ranking
  • More qualified leads

We have been able to achieve consistant high rankings because we optimize for the pain. Your product or service fills a need. We develop an SEO strategy that addresses your client’s needs by highlighting how your company deals with your client’s pain.

Initial SEO Engagement

  • Needs Analysis
  • Target audience review
  • Keyword Selection and analysis
  • Web Analytics review
  • Review exisiting site against established needs
  • Recommend SEO changes to site
  • Manage changes to your website
  • Peer linking submissions

Ongoing SEO Maintenance

  • Web Analytics review
  • SEO page adjustments based on Analytics review
  • Updated peer linking

Ethical search engine optimization (SEO) ensures long-term success. The magic in making a site rank well lies in the site’s readability. Websites that are easy to read and navigate have a better chance of ranking well. Our approach is to help our clients plan an SEO strategy that takes into account their marketing drivers, their sales needs and their intended audiences appetite to be sold to. Our goal is not just to make the site rank well but also to generate more leads for your sales team.

This SEO process can take 12-16 weeks to be fully realized. The sooner you start optimizing your site the earlier you will see results.