29 Nov

Offline Analog for the Link Economy

I’ve recently been hired by a marketing firm to provide them with outsourced SEO assistance. That’s nothing extraordinary.   I’m sure it happens all the time. What I find interesting is that every time I talk to someone at this firm they are excited to hear from me. Not only does it make me want to call them back but also feels good to experience that kind of enthusiasm.

I wasn’t quite sure why I was getting such a warm reception. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe these folks were so enthusiastic because I’d given them a little SEO primer a few years ago, long before they hired me. I did it then because they asked me to and I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to do a favour for this firm. I wasn’t sure anything would ever come of it but as the saying goes nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I also had a phone call today with a potential client. They were grilling me pretty good about what I would do to help them with their site. The call sounded a little like a fishing expedition. Even though I wasn’t sure this company was interested in paying for my services I followed Jim Crocker‘s advice and gave them some free hints.   The advice I gave them was to create content on their site that people would be interested in linking to.  In the link economy you get paid for good content with a back-link.

The notion of earning a back-link is no different than the age old adage:  you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.  I’ve been able to successfully live this adage offline as well as online.  When you are developing content for your site remember to write something people would actually enjoy reading either because it helps them or entertains them.