16 Feb

Blogger as a Corporate Blogging Platform

I recently worked on a project to launch a new website.  The previous site was actually at two web addresses, the main corporate site and a blog, hosted on Blogger.  Transitioning the corporate site was a fairly straightforward exercise even if it did take longer than planned (Don’t they all? ).   Transitioning the blog from Blogger was more of a problem.

Getting the content out of Blogger wasn’t hard.  There is an export feature that allows you to easily export all of your posts.    The new blog runs on WordPress which has an import feature.   After a couple of steps the data was in the new blog but what about the URLs?

Redirecting URLs from Blogger is essentially impossible and Blogger wants it that way.  Blogger isn’t trying to lock you in to their platform.  They make it easy enough to move to another platform but what they don’t want you to do is redirect your URLs.  Why not?  The short answer is spammers.   Blogger is a free platform so ANYONE can use it.  By anyone I mean honourable and not so honourable people.   The spammers of the world will set up thousands of free blogs only to redirect them to some less scrupulous site.   It is for that reason that Blogger doesn’t want you redirecting URLs from Blogger.   This is a problem for real businesses that started using Blogger because it was easy.

My recommendation to you is that you don’t start out with a Blogger blog for your business.  At some point in the future you WILL regret your decision to use Blogger for your corporate blog.    If you really want to use the blogger platform then make sure you use a custom domain from the outset.   With a custom domain you have more options in the future on what to do with your URLs.