06 Apr

Banner Ad Rotator

banner rotator config screenSometimes when building a website the purpose of the site is to create advertising space that you can sell.  For this you need a banner ad rotator solution for your site.   Like most things for WordPress their is a plugin for that from the great folks at Tribulant.   The folks at Tribulant take a very SEO friendly approach to their product names.  This plug in is called WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin.

I have used other products for this purpose in the past.   I really like Tribulant’s version for the easy to use configuration interface.    As WordPress plugin the Banner Rotator takes advantage of short codes for both the ad itself as well as the ad size.   This allows you to place a skyscraper short code on your page and then have all skyscraper ads show up there.   You might use this on category pages as an example.   This is definitely a hand feature.

Something about this plugin you might like is the ability to use text or html in the ad.  With this feature you can create a portion of your page that will change on every load.   This is a great way to change content on your site.

If you are thinking of placing banners on your site then I’d highly recommend this plugin from Tribulant.